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Frequently Asked Questions

Who made and runs this site?
My name is David Marconnet and I'm the CTO of I develop and maintain this site solely on my own as a side project in an attempt to help Alabama citizens and interested parties better understand the COVID-19 data coming from the AL Dept of Public Health (ADPH). I was born and raised near Huntsville, AL and I still live just outside of it with my wife and 4 kids. I'm a graduate of the University of AL in Huntsville class of 2006. Also, Roll Tide.

Where does Bama Tracker get its data from?
Data is collected from ADPH and is provided to the public strictly for educational and academic research purposes. You should not rely upon the content of this website as a basis for making any business or legal decisions.

Why do the number of daily cases vary slightly from the ADPH dashboard?
This system gathers data from the ADPH dashboard every few minutes all day. The daily counts stop at midnight, so the total change per day is calculated from the total at midnight to 11:59pm the next night. The ADPH numbers seem to vary sometimes daily by a few cases from what is shown here, possibly because they use a different window of time for their daily count, or they have corrected their numbers after the day completes.

Why do I see negative counts sometimes on daily change numbers?
So it seems like ADPH corrects case counts per county sometimes. One day they might add 10 to a county, and the next -2, meaning that they corrected the locations of the positive cases. This happens with test counts often as well.

If a person tests more than once, are they counted twice in case counts?
No, according to ADPH, if a person is tested more than once, they are still only counted as positive one time. Check out this tweet with more information.

What is a 'probable' case?
Probable cases & deaths are counted seperately by ADPH. Here is their definition: "Probable Cases are the total number of patients who are epidemiologically linked (have had close contact) with a confirmed case, have symptoms meeting clinical criteria of COVID-19, and have no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19."

What does '14-day Cases & Tests' mean?
ADPH provides a count of the number of positive cases and tests reported in the last 14 days. This is at a state level and per county. However, these often do not completely match up the change in cumulative counts in a 14-day period. The reason for this has to do with the timeframe for the counts. They are based on a 14-day period that ends at midnight the day before the cumulative counts are updated on the dashboard. Basically, the cumulative totals stay ahead of the 14-day counts.

What is this site written in?
The database is MySQL with PHP on the back-end for the number crunching. The front-end is HTML, CSS, JavaScript with jQuery. Just about all of the charts are built with ApexCharts.

I need some data from your site, is that possible?
Yes, there is a public API you can use to get data in a number of ways. For more info check the API Documentation. Also, many charts have a menu in the right corner you can use to download the chart as an image or even the underlying data as a spreadsheet.

Who do I contact to report an error in your data?
Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or @BamaTracker with any issues or questions.


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Data collected from the ADPH website and is provided to the public strictly for educational and academic research purposes. You should not rely upon the content of this website as a basis for making any business, legal or health decisions. Terms & Conditions ©2020 Magic & Wires LLC